SUPPORTING NAJIB: Kenyataan Pedas Tun Mahathir Kepada Para Penyokong Najib

Tun Mahathir yang terkenal dengan kelantangan dalam menyuarakan pandangan terhadap Dato’ Seri Najib kebelakangan ini pada hari ini mengeluarkan lagi kenyataan di laman blognya Dalam artikelnya kali ini Tun Mahathir menyasarkan kritikannya kepada para penyokong Perdana Menteri Malaysia sekarang. Ikuti kenyataan penuh Tun Mahathir dari laman blognya.

Supporting Najib

1. As a result of the exposure regarding the Altantuya case and 1MDB, Najib is now getting pledges of support from UMNO division heads, BN, MIC, Senators and all kinds of groups. This is what the mainstream press reports.

2. I am not asking anybody to support me. But I am going to ask all those who support Najib to declare they all support his 1MDB, 1MDB borrowing 42 billion Ringgit and his inability to answer where the money is when asked.

3. Do you also support keeping billions of Ringgit in Cayman Islands? Do you also support that having brought back the money, it must be kept in a Swiss Bank in Singapore. Do you also support the explanation that the money cannot be brought back to Malaysia by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance because Bank Negara will ask too many questions.

4. Do you support purchase of Government land in KL at far below market price, revaluing it to make it your asset while buying power plants from the private sector at well above market price.

5. Now there is a suggestion that this land be sold to Government companies at inflated prices so as to pay the billions borrowed by 1MDB.

6. If this sale is in order to pay 1MDB debts, that means that 1MDB which borrowed 42 billion cannot pay its debts from its investments, that it has lost the billions.

7. So what happened to the 42 billion borrowed? Why must 1MDB borrow 2 billion to pay the interest? Why must Government make available almost 1 billion Government money to pay 1MDB debts?

8. These two borrowings by 1MDB means it now has a debt of 42+3 billion = 45 billion.

9. Supporters of Najib must also support Jho Low who managed 1MDB money who is a friend of Najib like Daim is my friend. They must also be friends of Jho Low to have so much faith in him.

10. I asked Najib simple questions but instead of answering the questions he asked people to support him. I would like to ask the supporters whether their support means the disappearance of 42 billion Ringgit is okay, that there is no necessity to at least explain where the money is. If you do, go tell Daim, Tengku Razaleigh, Shahrir Samad and Khairy Jamaluddin to shut up.

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